Dad’s Little Fixers

One morning, our kids woke up too early for our energy to match. (Well, really, they woke up around the right time. It’s just that my wife and I were both exhausted from work the previous day and we were having a hard time getting up. I was also unwell then.) So these kids, who woke up too early, entertained themselves by playing with each other and playing with whatever stuff they found interesting in the bedroom – like ottoman converted to indoor slide. After too long, they got bored and decided to poke and prod their mom and dad.

We were still too drowsy and were thinking of a way to buy a few more minutes of rest. My wife remembered about the gift we brought home the other night. It was for my 2nd daughter who just turned 2 a few days back. So my wife said, ‘Kids, there’s a paper bag beside the ottoman, open it and you’ll find a gift inside’. Eerrrmm…of course I winged that sentence because I was still half a sleep then, but my wife said something like that.

Our four-year old, upon hearing the word ‘gift’, went straight to the bag and pulled out the package. She asked her mom, “Can I open?” (She likes opening gifts. She opens her gifts by herself – mostly – since she was 10 months old). Her mom said, “Yes, open it for your baby sister” She was so happy and started the deed with no second thought.

When it was finally out of the wrappings, our four-year old, cheerfully announced that it was a building set. Probably upon seeing tools. But then she identified the kind of tools in the ‘toolbox’ and realized, it’s a doctor set!

She looked at me excitedly and said, “Dad you’re sick, we’re gonna help you!” She turned to her baby sister and said, “We’ll gonna be doctors for Daddy, right? Because Daddy’s sick all the time. We will fix Daddy!”

That moment was both fun – seeing how excited and happy they are with their new toy, and touching – noting how they first thought of helping fix my sickness.

That moment brought me to a realization. To give my health priority. To take rests when needed. To not overstretch my physical limitations for less important things.

I have to be healthy because I want to enjoy more moments with my family. And so do you for your loved ones.

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