My Dad’s Watch

This watch is from my father. I used this sparingly through grade school, high school, college and a few years while working as an IT professional. I used it on my wedding day too.

Now a days, though, I have been keeping this watch in my drawer. I haven’t used it for quiet some time now, but it is in every bit as meaningful as it always have been because this watch reminds me a lot of my dad and the lessons he taught me.

Here are a few of the most treasured lessons my father taught me:

1. Think first before talking.

Reflection: Take the time to pick what you’ll say and how you’ll say them. Words hurt more than actions even when you don’t mean it.

2. Be on time.

Reflection: This is actually a discipline that helps your mind stay organized. Other than that, you are also giving respect to other’s schedule more than yours. I wrote one blog that touched this topic too. You can see it here: Keeping Up with Time

3. Clean your room.

Reflection: Take the time to tidy up. Another discipline to keep yourself and your stuff organized.

He took the time to teach me those lessons then, and I turned out to be just fine.

To my father:

Pa, now I think I understand the lessons you shared to us better than I ever did before. Thank you for being a very good example to us, your children. May you always have good health and more birthdays to come.

Happy Birthday Pa!


5 thoughts on “My Dad’s Watch

  1. I’m glad your sister reposted this and gave us a heads up on your blog. I enjoyed reading about the lessons your dad taught you. It got me thinkin’ about my daddy. He was a gentle and loving man. Hardworking and patient. He taught me the importance of diligence, patience, and tenderness. Weren’t we fortunate to have such great pops? If yours is still alive, be sure to share your blog with him and tell him often how much you love and appreciate him.

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  2. Hi Kiks, My friends and colleagues are suggesting that becoming a parent is not something that should be planned. They say that when you become a parent, everything will fall into its place, especially the financial matters? What’s your thought? Is there a right time or age to become a parent?

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    1. Hi Gino, I think it should be both. In a sense that you should have an outline, a basic plan at least. A compass for where you want to go, but not a map. You should be ready to adjust and adapt and improvise. Once you are there, things will fall into place – easy or hard way. There’s no right time or age. But there’s a right mindset.

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