Last Christmas

2018’s Christmas season was the longest break I enjoyed so far ever since moving out of my folks’ house.

Seven days passed since getting back from the trip and I find myself still ecstatic about it and kept recounting and savoring the moments I had from our recent home-coming.

And because I love those moments so much, I would like to share some of them with you:

That’s our little happy family above. From my parents, to their grandchildren (apologies on the blurry shot). We were gathered to celebrate my sister’s birthday last December 26th.

Now, unlike our usual very short Christmas vacations, this one allowed me to spare some time and meet up with my old buddies!

The picture below is from our dinner meet-up with my best buddy Philip and his girlfriend Lou.

Also was able to meet-up with my ex-bandmate and college friend, Jeff with his son, Rej – my godson (picture above). We both have a complicated schedule and so if you noticed in the picture, we met at a local grocery. While running errands!

Below is a family lunchout. We drove 2hrs, give or take, to visit this vegetarian resto. (No pics of them though). The ambiance is very relaxing and the food is very good. The travel all the way getting here is worth it!

Below: With my grandma on Christmas day!

And my cousin/goddaughter (below) who was the game master of the Christmas family reunion. She entertained the kids and adults alike and added liveliness to the event:

It was sure a great time for bonding, relaxing and rejuvenating. I’d wanted to share some more photos but never had the time to ask permissions so maybe next time.

We were supposed to miss the family reunion due to schedule conflicts here and there, but I’m very happy and thankful we were able to make the trip. With that said, I would like to thank everyone who supported me in making this trip possible. Special mention to my wife who suddenly got busy booking for our flights and packing our stuff on my last minute decision.

I’m looking forward to 2019’s Holiday season but meantime, it’s back to reality. Before that though, here’s one last:

I hope you also enjoyed your break. Please feel free to share your experiences too!