My Dad’s Watch

This watch is from my father. I used this sparingly through grade school, high school, college and a few years while working as an IT professional. I used it on my wedding day too.

Now a days, though, I have been keeping this watch in my drawer. I haven’t used it for quiet some time now, but it is in every bit as meaningful as it always have been because this watch reminds me a lot of my dad and the lessons he taught me.

Here are a few of the most treasured lessons my father taught me:

1. Think first before talking.

Reflection: Take the time to pick what you’ll say and how you’ll say them. Words hurt more than actions even when you don’t mean it.

2. Be on time.

Reflection: This is actually a discipline that helps your mind stay organized. Other than that, you are also giving respect to other’s schedule more than yours. I wrote one blog that touched this topic too. You can see it here: Keeping Up with Time

3. Clean your room.

Reflection: Take the time to tidy up. Another discipline to keep yourself and your stuff organized.

He took the time to teach me those lessons then, and I turned out to be just fine.

To my father:

Pa, now I think I understand the lessons you shared to us better than I ever did before. Thank you for being a very good example to us, your children. May you always have good health and more birthdays to come.

Happy Birthday Pa!